If you’ve ever seen Michael Green do 'The Whaler,' you have every naked detail etched in your mind. It was wild theatre at its hilarious best — wet, nude, and undeniable.

During the 30th Annual High Performance Rodeo - Calgary's International Festival of the Arts – The DFP Team were Listeners in Residence, recording on location, gathering your tall tales of Michael Green’s ‘The Whaler’. We borrowed your voices and built a chorus. A cacophony. A sea shanty.

At a Listening Party of this episode, held on January 29th 2016, we celebrated YOUR remembrances, YOUR belly laughs, and YOUR voices shouting out “I AM THE WHALER!” one or two – or a hundred – times more.



Featuring the voices of:

Allan Baekland
Allison Lynch
Andrew Mosker
Ann Connors
Annie Wilson
Anton de Groot
Blake Brooker
Brad Walker
Chris Cran
Col Cseke
Deanna Jones
Denise Clarke
Eric Ollivier
Grant Burns
Jason Markusoff
Jennica Greinke
Johnny Dunn
Ken Cameron
Kevin Jesuino
Kris Demeanor
Laurel Green
Michael Green
Maya Green
Michelle Kennedy
Mayor Naheed Nenshi
Natasha Sayer
Natasha Pedros
Nick Diochnos
Nico Brennan
Oliver Armstrong
Peter Moller
Rachel Blomfield
Rita Bozi
Sarah Troicuk
Simon Mallett
Susan Falkner
Tee Crane
Troy Emery Twigg
Ty Semaka
Tyler Klein Longmire
Vicki Stroich
and the crowd at the Laycraft Lounge.

With music by: Richard McDowell, Alex Fitch, Jason Shaw, Jon Luc Hefferman, Poddington Bear, Sun Brah. All music sourced from the Free Music Archive, except for the music by Richard McDowell: sourced from the One Yellow Rabbit Archives. (which we encourage you to visit)