Listeners in Residence

Is that person next to you wearing a wire? Are they bugged? Could they be a plainclothes agent?

Returning as the High Performance Rodeo's official Listeners in Residence, The Deep Field is going undercover. With you from your front door to your theatre seat, to the bar and back home again - we're listening in on your night out.

Blending on-site reporting with the up-close sounds of wild theatre, The Deep Field captures, boosts and remixes the Rodeo audience.

Come hear what we overhear.


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Featuring the voices of Mike Keir, Tim Schmidt, Anila Yuen, Stephan Tuen, Garry Mushens, Ann Mushens, Laurel Green, Col Cseke, Anton de Groot, Johnny Dunn, and many anonymous voices.

With music by: Steve Combs, Broke For Free, Ryan Cullinane, Simon Mathewson, and the audience members at Nightswimming's Why We Are Here pop-up choir. Additional music sourced from the Free Music Archive.

Garry Mushens (left), and Tim Schmidt & Mike Keir